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What The Critics Are Saying About As Dusk Falls

"As Dusk Falls" is the debut title from developer Interior Night launching on July 19. Game Designer Caroline Marchal, who previously worked on "Heavy Rain" and "Beyond: Two Souls," opened Interior Night in 2017 to create story-rich games with complex characters accessible to anyone (via Gameindustry.biz). "As Dusk Falls" fulfills this goal by being a choose-your-own-adventure graphic novel with a unique comic-book style that features branching storylines similar to a Telltale title.

Without getting into spoilers, "As Dusk Falls" begins in Arizona in 1998, where two families become entangled after a robbery gone wrong. At its core, "As Dusk Falls" is a crime drama where players take control of characters in both families, each with their own self-interest and backstory. But the story continues long after the robbery, as the game plays out over the course of thirty years.

But what makes "As Dusk Falls" truly unique is its co-op functionality. Up to 8 players can play together online or locally via a smartphone app, with choices based on the votes they receive. Additionally, the game features a broadcast mode that allows viewers to decide what happens in a Twitch streamer's game. Since "As Dusk Falls" will be available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers on day one, many gamers are left wondering if it is worth a download. Thankfully reviews are out for "As Dusk Falls," so here's what critics are saying.

Reviewers are calling it one of the best in the genre

IGN awarded "As Dusk Falls" a 9 out of 10. Reviewer Gabriel Moss praised the game's story, explicitly drawing attention to the voice acting, dialogue, and the abundance of branching storylines that he believes create an incredibly replayable experience. He also noted that the game lets the players know which decisions are especially significant, giving players a chance to decide more carefully. Moss did criticize the quick time events, however, as he felt they were overused in certain areas.

Eurogamer's Robert Purchese gave "As Dusk Falls" a 4 out of 5, calling it the best interactive movie game they've played. Although the game has no lip-syncing or detailed animation, Purchese felt the combination of the art style and audio would be enough to engage players. In addition, Purchese wrote that although the story takes time to develop, it uses the time to tackle deep and real topics often overlooked in other games of the genre.

GameSpot awarded "As Dusk Falls" a 9 out of 10. Reviewer Mark Delaney praised the game's dialogue, noting that every conversation moves the story forward while giving players an insight into the characters. He also praised the coop mode, stating that there are plenty of choices that players will argue about. The highlight for Delaney was the story, as he felt it tackles unexplored themes such as forgiveness and how our past shapes us. However, he did note that a few of the action sequences felt out of place.