YouTube Video Ideas For Your Business

By Mark Brinker 
Updated: January 26, 2022

By Mark Brinker  /  Updated: January 26, 2022

YouTube Video Ideas For Your Business

Creating a YouTube channel for your business isn’t terribly difficult.

The real challenge is …

What type of YouTube videos should I make?

Below is a handy (and thorough) guide I've created for you with lots of YouTube video ideas for your business.

But first, to appreciate the enormity of YouTube, let’s take a quick look at a few YouTube statistics.

YouTube Statistics And Data

Did you know ...

YouTube is the second most visited site in the world — behind only Google.

To put this in perspective, YouTube has:

  • More traffic than Facebook.
  • More traffic than Wikipedia.
  • More traffic than Amazon.
  • More traffic than Instagram.
  • More traffic than Twitter.

YouTube users watch over one billion hours of content every single DAY. Per YouTube, “If you were to sit and watch a billion hours of YouTube, it would take you over 100,000 years.”

YouTube has over two billion monthly logged-in users.

73% of US adults say they use YouTube regularly.

What this means ...

If you want to get your product, service or message in front of a LOT of people, YouTube is a good place to do it.

If you want to get your product, service or message in front of a LOT of people, YouTube is a good place to do it.

YouTube Video Ideas For Your Businesses

YouTube videos fall into 3 main categories:

  • Educational
  • Entertaining
  • Promotional

Let’s break things down with specific video ideas for each category.

Educational YouTube Video Topics

  • How-To's/Tutorials. Give viewers a step-by-step video guide on how to do something, from installing software to reducing roof damage to installing laminate flooring. These types of videos can get views for years as long as the subject remains relevant.
  • Product Reviews. Give a thoughtful, detailed review of a product or service . You'll save your audience time and/or money and you'll build valuable street cred as a trusted advisor.
  • Q&A's. Answering FAQs in live video format can be much easier for you and more beneficial to your viewer than trying to write out answers longhand. For example, have you ever tried writing out how to tie a shoe!
  • Explainer. Although similar to how-to videos, explainer videos dive deeper into a subject and answer questions you didn't even think to ask. Example topics for explainer videos could be how to install an SSD in your computer or how vaccines work.
  • Webinar/Presentation. If you're a real estate business and were invited to speak at an event, film your speech and post it on your YouTube channel. If your accounting firm hosted a webinar about filing taxes, post a recording of your webinar on your YouTube channel.
  • Problem Solving. Help your audience solve or prevent a problem. For instance, a dentist could create a video about what to do once you've chipped a tooth. A roofer could do a video about how to prevent ice dams on your roof in the winter.
  • Expert Interviews. Interview an expert or colleague in your field to educate or bring a different perspective to your viewers. It changes things up but also communicates to your viewers you're open to sharing others' ideas or opinions.
  • Industry Updates. Do you work in a rapidly evolving industry that generates interesting or important news? If so, here's a great opportunity to keep your viewers in the loop and establish yourself as the go-to source in your niche.

Entertaining YouTube Video Topics

  • Favorites/Best-Ofs. We all suffer from information overload and don't have the time or energy to research every decision. So if you're a personal trainer, do a video demonstrating your 3 favorite exercises for 6-pack abs. If you've been a dog groomer for 17 years, do a video about the 3 best dog shampoos you've ever used and why.
  • Myth Busting. Here's your chance to set the record straight and refute myths or misinformation surrounding your products, services or your industry. This is the perfect type of video if you get sick and tired of addressing the same inaccurate information over and over (and over!). 
  • Reactions. You can create a video with your reactions and opinions about a popular topic or piece of media — what they got right or wrong, what you liked or didn't like, etc. Here's a great example of an ER doctor reacting to the pilot of Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Behind-the-scenes. People are innately curious. Take viewers through your building, show them what a typical workday might look like or share how a particular product is created. This type of video works great for connecting with your viewer and letting them know you're real and approachable.

Promotional YouTube Video Topics

  • Company Intro. Greet new visitors to your YouTube channel with a brief video introducing yourself, your team and what your business is about. You can then repurpose this intro video by streaming it from your YouTube channel onto your website and social media platforms.
  • Product Launches. Are you introducing a new product or service? How about a new online course you just created? Maybe your new book just became available on Amazon. Let the world know!
  • Events/Fundraisers Remind your audience of an upcoming event and explain all the reasons they should attend. (Hint: What's in it for them?) If you're doing charity work or a fundraiser, explain what it's about and how to get involved.
  • Product Showcase. Do a walk-thru of your product or service showing off all it's features/benefits and how it works. Need ideas? Apple does amazing videos showcasing their new products each year. If you're looking for a product showcase example a little more down-to-earth, here's a great example from an electronics enthusiast.
  • Case Study. If you sell a service, do a case study with one of your clients. Let's say you're a mold remediation specialist. Explain how your client discovered a mold problem in their attic, how they found you and how you solved their problem. A case study can also be a great place to insert a client testimonial.
  • Milestones. Is your business celebrating it’s 10-year anniversary? Did you just sell your ten-millionth hamburger? Share the news with your audience and celebrate with a video on your YouTube channel!

If you want to get your product, service or message in front of a LOT of people, YouTube is a good place to do it.

Nothing says your YouTube videos must fall into just one category. The most successful YouTube videos often cover two or three categories simultaneously. For example, a YouTube video can be educational and promotional.

Good Examples Of Business YouTube Channels

Here are some good examples of people using their YouTube channels effectively to promote their business:

  • Matt Risinger is a builder in Texas. He uses his channel to create helpful content for people interested in building and has amassed over 900 thousand subscribers.

    Video Categories: How-to's, Product Reviews, Explainers, Favorites, Business updates, Industry Updates

    Good example from his YouTube channel: DIY Epoxy floors that look PRO!
  • Stewart Hicks is an architect from Chicago who creates videos educating the public about architecture. Though he works as an assistant professor by day, he uses his channel to also promote his side business, Design With Company.

    Video Categories: Explainers, Industry Updates, Reactions

    Good example from his YouTube channel: Why Do Architects Insist on Using Flat Roofs?
  • LYFE Accounting is an accounting firm that creates videos about taxes and finance management. Their videos answer FAQs about finance and each video often gets 2k-6k views.

    Video Categories: How-to's, Explainers, Industry Updates

    Good example from their YouTube channel: 5 Tax Strategies to Reduce the Taxes You'll Owe Next Year


Now that you have a good understanding of what types of YouTube videos you could create for your business, it’s time to get started! The key to a successful YouTube video is picking topics that align with your audience’s interests and what they're looking for in a video from you.

Don't worry about looking like a Hollywood movie star. People don't care about that. Just be real, provide useful information and you'll do great.

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